A Detailed Guide on How To Use Instagram Stories

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The number of people using Instagram stories keeps escalating day by day with the emergence of more businesses. This article explains how to use Instagram Stories. One important thing to remember is that posting too many stories on a single day can cause discomfort to your fan base to a greater extent.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are a content format in which users can create slideshows with images or videos or a combination of both and stories posted disappear in 24 hours. A story lasts longer than 24 hours if it is posted as a highlight. Your followers can view the stories you posted, and you also can see the number of people who viewed your story.How to watch Instagram Stories?

Firstly, you should be a follower of the one whose story you want to watch. Stories usually appear at the top of the news feed in your profile. Profile photos appear within a circle that is surrounded by a ring of the Instagram color logo. This kind of appearance denotes that the particular person has posted some story on his/her account. You need just to click the circle-shaped photos to take a look at their stories.

How Can I Know Who Viewed My Instagram Stories?

You can see who viewed your stories only when your story is live, i.e, within 24 hours from posting the story. After that, you can see only the number of people who viewed your story. There is a little eye icon in the bottom left position, which you can click to see the number. When you click on the number, you can see who watched your stories.

How Can I Add Instagram Stories

Once you press the circle button, the camera turns on so that you can capture a photo.

  1. Note that you need to tap and hold on the button if you want to record a video.
  2. Having done with the picture or video, you can apply the desired filter by sliding the screen. There is a pencil mark in the upper right corner of the screen, which you can click to draw or write something.
  3. Next, just press the ‘’Your Story’’ button at the bottom left of the screen to add your Instagram story.

Users can also add previously captured photos or recorded videos in the gallery to their stories provided they must be taken within the past 24 hrs. To do this, you need to pull down the screen on moving to the “Story” section. Now the story gets shared with your followers. Make sure to turn “Save Shared Photos” on in the settings section to save the photos and videos in your device’s camera folder. Your images and videos will be kept on your profile if you choose to save them to your story highlights.

How Do I Share Regular Feed Posts on Instagram Stories

  1. Just click the paper airplane icon from the post you want to be shared as a story.
  2. Then select ‘’create a story with this post’’ option
  3. This post can now be shared with custom elements like background color, user-defined text, stickers, and relevant hashtags.

Adding stickers that represent location, mentions, polls can add potential value to stories. These extra elements seem to arouse the interest of your fans and followers.

Easy Tips to Follow To Get More Story Views On Instagram

There is a wide range of options on Instagram to get more views on stories. Firstly you need to set your account to public to make it possible for followers to view your stories. Some of the options are visible at the bottom of the screen and can be accessed just by swiping the screen and are briefed below:

The Boomerang option allows you to record very short videos (say 5 seconds) repeatedly.

  • The Superzoom option can be used to share 10-second videos with zoom sound effect.
  • A rewind(up to 10 seconds) of a video can be shared using the rewind option.
  • In addition to color filters, Instagram provides face filters to create various face-effects for your photos.
  • Instagram allows you to add hashtags specifying location, brand, campaign name, which can bring some followers to your account.

Scaling innumerable options, the newly launched feature, “Instagram Stories” could avail a lot of benefits for brands and marketers in various niche. Brands who are new to Instagram who are still in need to gain traction for their account can buy Instagram Story views without a second thought add up to the effort they work on their strategies.

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